Lead By Example

Lead By Example

It is a powerful thing to lead by example.  You never know who might be looking up to you.

I have always felt strongly about lifting others up rather than tearing them down. Years ago I met this sharp ASU grad, Melissa Rein Lively.  I was a News Reporter in Phoenix and she was coming up the ranks in PR.  It didn’t occur to me that our early interaction meant so much to her.  Until the other day, when she wrote this post:

“Many moons ago when I decided to try my luck in the PR world I met one of the most talented journalists I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.  Not only was she incredibly kind to a terrified fresh out of J-school new kid, she has continued to inspire and amaze me for well over a decade.  Very lucky to have you as a treasured friend and mentor.”

I share this post not to draw attention to myself, rather to illustrate two points:

(1) You never know who might consider you a mentor.

(2) When you are in a position to lead, it is powerful. What you do with that power is a choice.

Words of encouragement matter.  Respect matters.  Kindness matters.

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