48 Hours in LA!

48 Hours in LA!

48 Hours in LA- Villa Blanca West Hollywood.  VILLA BLANCO

OF COURSE the place is beautiful.  It was decorated by the ever so chic (and doesn’t appear to age) Lisa Vanderpump from Beverly Hills Housewives. I can confirm the anti-aging observation first hand since my girlfriends practically tackled the woman when she walked into the restaurant.  LISA VANDERPUMP

And so the weekend begins at Villa Blanca; our whirlwind 48 hour trip in my old stomping grounds of LA.

9 friends flew in to celebrate Suzanne’s birthday.  And, let me just say, its not an easy thing to coordinate a trip for 9 women!

A birthday trip to LA? Can I really get away to do that.  Of course I can. Because it matters.  When it matters, we make the time.

At an event last year for the American Cancer Society, one of the speakers said something profound.  She said we should think about time management this way: Replace “I don’t have time for that” with “that is not a priority.” A more honest approach.

Friendship, in my estimation, should always be a priority.  Even with husbands to love, kids to take care of and careers to advance.  Friendship still needs to have a place in our life — beyond Facebook. BEVERLY HILLS

Most of this group of friends met while working at 3TV in Phoenix.  It was a crazy, ambitious time for us all.  Our careers were rising and we were bound together by the moment.  On one hand perhaps a little competitive, on another hand, supportive.  As time goes by, one by one, we attend weddings and baby showers, and, in general, watch as life unfolds in all of the mysterious and glorious ways that we will never truly understand.  But why do we have to?  Just enjoy the ride.

Our friend Amanda flew in from Ohio.  She is the class clown of the group, always making us laugh, as she is able to so beautifully laugh at herself.  Have you ever seen a girl with hair extensions poking out of her suitcase?  The things Mandy does sometimes make me cringe a little bit. But later I realize those are the stories we will all be sharing for years.

You just can’t put parameters on who you think your friends should be.  Each person will bring their own, unique self.  And, you either accept, love and embrace — or you should move on.  Friendship shouldn’t be a struggle.

photo-4 Olivia flew in from Las Vegas.  Everyone adores Olivia.  Why wouldn’t they? She has dimples for miles.  And she is truly one of the most clever women I have ever met.  Not long Nate ago Liv, as I call her, and her husband adopted an amazing, beautiful little boy named Nate.  It was one of the most rewarding experiences to be able to travel that journey alongside her.  The moment she finalized that adoption — perfection.


Watching friends succeed in life should make us happy.  If not, the word friend really Suz girlsdoesn’t apply. The birthday girl, Suzanne, is near and dear to my heart.  She is hilarious and so smart.  We have been best friends for years.  I was in the hospital with her after she gave birth to both of her gorgeous little girls. Moments that matter.


All of these successful, busy women made it a priority in their life to fly to LA and join the party.  And, a party it was (Amanda always makes sure).

Cheers, Suz!



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