A Modern Day Leader Who Knows How To Inspire

A Modern Day Leader Who Knows How To Inspire

One of my favorite things is to interview leaders who rock.  Those who realize that a truly great leader helps to encourage, inspire, and motivate.  Those who have fundamental respect for their employees and co-workers.

Dr Kellie Warren, CEO of Florence Crittenton is one of those leaders.  She calls herself a ‘walk around leader’.  She doesn’t sit in her office with the door shut.  Warren wants to see what is going on, engage with her employees, solve problems, and achieve success — not just for herself, but for all those who work at Florence Crittenton and the girls who come there for help.

In our interview, Dr. Warren tells me what is most important for her is to work with purpose, and to elevate those around her to do the same.

How Not To Be A Victim Of Your Past with Dr. Kellie Warren

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