From Fired To Hired Author Shares Success Story

From Fired To Hired Author Shares Success Story

“I didn’t fail as a person.  I maybe failed to meet somebody else’s expectation, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t bring value to a company, to other people, to my family, and to myself.”

That is what Kathi Miller-Miller realized after she was fired.  It is a shocking experience for anyone who goes through it.  You question your own values and self worth.

I interviewed Miller for my Podcast, Carey Pena Reports.  Her success story is an inspiration to others looking to pave a better path for themselves.

Miller was a business professional, a manager for 25 years, who helped other people with their careers.  For her, getting fired was the best thing that could have happened.  Although she didn’t realize it at the time.

“I was looking for some new up to date information about how to search for jobs,” Miller says,  “But the book I was looking for wasn’t out there — so I wrote it.”

Miller moved ahead with her writing, which morphed into a booming website where she offers career tips and advice.

She challenges readers to take their power back by stopping to consider if they are getting equal loyalty from their employer that they are offering.  “Loyalty,” she says, “is a two way street.  Far too many times employees stay on that corporate train even if it is heading for a brick wall.”

Finding your passion and making it part of your everyday life is a big part of what Miller writes about.  “It really comes down to finding the intersection of your passion and your values.”

That intersection has proven very successful for Miller, both in her writing and on LinkedIn.

She doesn’t use LinkedIn strictly as a networking tool. Rather, Miller says it is where she starts and ends her days, interacting with like-minded people, building community, and expanding her personal brand as a career coach and author.

She has found new passion and inspiration in the work she is doing today.

None of this would have been possible had she not heard those dreaded two words. You’re Fired.

Listen to Kathi Miller-Miller’s career advice here

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