One Question That Will Make Your Life Better

One Question That Will Make Your Life Better

What makes you tick?  It’s pretty powerful to actually stop and think about that question.  If you don’t know the answer, you should find out.   You will be better for it.

Since college I have been running at a frantic pace, rising up the ranks in the television news industry.  While my career has been a blessing, I knew that it would take more than work to truly make me happy.

What makes me happy, and whole, is getting involved in issues and causes that have a meaningful impact.  This is what makes me tick.

Have A Heart

F1C1A4453or years, I have known about the Heart Ball.  The committee is made up of exceptional women, about one hundred Phoenicians, who come together in a forceful way to raise millions of dollars for the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association.

Peggy Goldwater was the first chair of the Heart Ball back in 1959.  At that time, research for pacemakers and bypass surgery was just getting underway.

Heart disease, according to the National Heart Association, is the number one killer in the United States.  1 in 3 Americans has heart disease.  Nearly 2,200 Americans die of cardiovascular disease each day.  This is a serious health crisis that the American Heart Association — with support from Phoenix Heart Ball — is trying to tackle.


Don’t Just Talk, Take Action

I1C1A4508‘ve had the great fortune of serving as emcee for many charity events over the years.  It is incredibly touching to see the heart and soul of the people behind the scenes who care so deeply.  Whether it is raising awareness to prevent domestic violence, protecting at risk girls in our community, making sure there are enough blood donors, or awarding scholarship money for low income schools — this is what makes me tick.

When the phone rang recently and I was invited to join the Heart Ball Committee, I was honored.

So here I am, joining this incredible group of women who makes it their mission to raise money to fight heart disease and stroke.  In fact, since 1959, more than $30 million dollars has been raised.  These ladies mean business.

The kick-off event at Saks 5th Avenue was fantastic. Really, who doesn’t love a great fashion show?  Saks never disappoints.  But lets be clear, this mission is about so much more than fashion and fancy events.

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Yes, there is the beautiful, black-tie Heart Ball in November which is one of the most talked about galas of the year (like I said, these ladies mean business).  However, leading up to this celebration of heart, there is a lot of work to be done.


The American Herat Association is the largest private source for cardiovascular disease and stroke research funding, second only to the federal government.  All of the money raised throughout the year goes to help AHA pay for this crucial research.  In fact, 13 American Heart Association-funded researchers have gone on to win the Nobel Prize.  Incredible work is being done behind the scenes that will lead to a healthier tomorrow for millions of Americans.


AHA says one of its main goals this year is to make sure all Arizona public and charter school students have an opportunity to learn CPR.  This is no small task.  Then again, big goals lead to big change.


Halle Heart Children’s Museum educates nearly 30,000 children every year about the benefits of exercise, healthy eating and staying away from tobacco products.

My Heart My Life is an outreach program that gives people the information they need to make behavior changes that lead to better health.  This culminates with the Heart Walk every spring that draws about 18,000 people.

For all of these reasons, I am so proud to be a part of this effort.

This is about saving lives.



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